Operation Baking GALS Roundup From Round 10!

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I am finally getting around to doing a blog roundup from round 10 of Operation Baking GALS in which I was a team leader.  I ended up with I think 20 people who sent baked goods to my brother and his fellow troops!  I was beyond thankful and so excited to be a part of this group.  I plan on trying to do this every month now – maybe not team leader every month, but at least baking every month.

Round 11 is NOW open so if anyone would like to join a team and bake for our troops who are serving overseas, it’s very easy.  Bake a box of baked goods or any kind of goodies and ship it.  Viola!  You have put a smile on a soldier’s face for the day.  🙂  If you would like to join a team go here ——> Operation Baking GALS and sign up – what are you waiting for?! 

As I said, I had so many people join my team and it was awesome!  My brother was so excited to receive all of the baked goods.  He said that it was like Christmas which put a big smile on my face. 🙂 He said he took some boxes to their commons area and it was like “birds on a full feeder”.  HA  Knowing that I helped give them a little  piece of home makes me feel good.  They do so much for us so sending a box of cookies is the VERY least I can do every month.  Thank you to EVERYONE who joined my team!

As for the roundup, there are a lot of baked goods here so feel free to stop reading or continue reading if you want to see them all! 

  • As I said in my previous blog post, I made chocolate chip cookie bars, apple spice cookie bars, magic in the middle cookies, snickerdoodles, and sugar cookies.
  • Lindsay made chocolate chip cookies with M&M’s and sent a bunch of other snacks, magazines, and books.


  • Lindsay’s mom Cynthia made peanut butter cookies and snickerdoodles.  They baked together so the above pics are of both things happening  🙂
  • Andrea baked peanut butter cookies, brownies and sour cream chocolate chip loaf (YUM!)

On's cookiesOn's baked goods 2

  • Erin baked chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies and stuffed the boxes with lots of snacks like pringles, candy, etc.
  • Ashley baked cookies and stuffed the boxes with lots of candy
  • Sally made a box full of cookies
  • Lorena baked a box full of her “top secret” brownies…hmm…mysterious!

Lorena 1

  • Heather baked snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies (some with Reeses), chocolate oatmeal cookies, and lemon sugar cookies (some in the shape of Texas since that is where she is from!)
  • Ellie baked 3 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • Amy baked sugar cookies, chocolate chipster brownies, and chocolate chip cookies

Amy's cookies

  • Erin M baked chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies, and caramel brownies
  • Clara baked 4 kinds of blondies – snickerdoodle, funfetti, reese peanut butter cup and white chocolate macadamia nut as well as some sort of yummy chex mix.  Mmmm!

Clara's BlondiesClara's stuff all packed up

  • Katy made chocolate chip cookies with pecans & coconut

Katy's stuff

  • My mom and Granny both baked.  Mom made almond joy cookies and rocky road crunch bars and Granny made no bake cookies and coconutty bars made with Splenda in case anyone was diabetic

Mom's cookies

Mom & Granny's stuff all packed up and ready to go

Mom & Granny with their baked goods



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  1. […] Baked Goods Roundup & Leave By militarysister Wow!  When I decided to be a team leader last month for round 10 of  Operatoin Baking GALS, I had NO idea the response that I would get from my family, friends, coworkers and others who found me through the blog world.  I ended up with over 20 people who contributed!  I couldn’t have been more happy, especially for my first time doing it.  If you would like to see everything that was baked, please check it out on my other blog right here—–> Operation Baking GALS roundup for Round 10! […]

  2. Ah, Thanks so much for the nice post. it was really fun and my family thought it was so cool that we could send cookies and stuff to our deserving men and women all the way in Iraq. In a little box. who knew?
    Thank you again.

  3. Hey-
    would you like to do a radio interview on our military show this morning?
    We’d love to talk about the Operation Baking Gals!
    Please email me at djrandym@aol.com

    Thank you for what you’re doing.
    Randy Miller
    The National Defense Radio Show

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