I’m Back!

January 27, 2009 at 2:05 am | Posted in Fun, Randomness, Vacations/Trips | 1 Comment

I haven’t been able to update much lately – it seems like I’ve been slammed with things going on!  We had the holidays, then Sheridan’s birthday weekend, then Tommy and I went to Puerto Rico then literally less than 12 hours after returning from Puerto Rico my good friend Lindsay and I made a road trip to Washington DC for the inauguration! Whew!  I’m finally starting to recover from everything.  I have a few actual cooking updates to do at some point.  I am hoping to get to them this week – it’s (supposedly) about to drop a major winter storm on our area so I’m praying for some snow days from work – we’ll see how that goes though!  Anyway, here are some visuals for you of my past whirlwind month!

Tommy and I at an awesome Mexican restaurant in Condado (San Juan), Puerto Rico.  Amazing trip!  That is the beach at our resort – well the rocky side of it.  Gorgeous!  Average temperature of about 85 every day.  Then came…

…..temps were not so warm here!  Lindsay and I standing in the WWII Memorial – that is where we stood for the inauguration ceremonies.  We were two of millions there to watch.  The whole experience was AMAZING!!  We went sightseeing the next day – notice how bundled up I am and I was still freezing!


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  1. Welcome back!

    I was thinking about you on inauguration day and how cold they said it was. I was wondering if you got to make it on the mall or not, they said people were standing out there starting at midnight the night before, crazy!!

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