Cream of Broccoli Soup

December 16, 2008 at 9:22 pm | Posted in soup, Yummy Veggies | 3 Comments

Our winters are cold.  I absolutely hate them.  The bad thing is that it’s just now getting to the cold point.  Ugh.  I am constantly in the mood for a bowl of steaming hot soup on these dark, windy, cold nights and I hadn’t made this one in a long time so I decided to have it last week.  This is something that 10 years ago you couldn’t have paid me to eat it -you still cant’ pay anyone in my house to eat it besides me so this is definitely a “me” recipe.  🙂  I’m the only broccoli lover in my house.  I got this recipe from a friend’s mom in college but I’m not sure the original source.  Anyway…here you go!


– Broccoli (fresh tastes best but I used frozen this time)

– Butter (8oz or 16 tablespoons) (WOW!!!)

– 1 cup of flour

-4 cups of chicken broth

-1 pint of half and half

-1 tsp salt

– 1/4 tsp white pepper

– 1.5 cups of skim milk


Cut broccoli into 1/2 inch pieces removing the stems (unless you like them  if you do, you can throw them in).  Steam until tender.  Do not drain – set aside

-Melt butter in pot over medium heat.  Add flour to make a roux.  Cook for 2-4 minutes stirring constantly as to not burn.  Add broth while sitrring with a wire whisk and bring to a boil. 

-Turn heat to low.  Add broccoli, half and half, salt, and pepper.  Heat but do not boil 

Mrs. Pig Rating:  This soup was just as yummy as I remembered it!!  I love broccoli so I love this one.  It’s so creamy and yummy on a cold winter night!  🙂


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