A Weekend of Halloween Fun!

October 29, 2008 at 1:25 am | Posted in Cookies, Fun, kids, Pumpkin | 7 Comments

This past weekend was a blur for us we had so many things going on.  I won’t bore you (or make you tired) by listing out all of the details.  Let’s just say that we crammed about a month’s worth of activities into one weekend.  I guess that is what happens as kids get older and get invited to parties and have all sorts of activities at school  : )

Our fun activity Friday night was going to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  We always each pick one to carve and one to paint.  We paint smaller ones to sit around the house – Sheridan loves doing this!  I get out all of my acrylic paints and let the kids just get creative and do whatever they want.  We have a blast doing this!  Hard at work:

Saturday night (after the Fall Festival at the kids school…after our nephew’s soccer game an hour away…after the Halloween party the kids went to at the country club…etc. etc…) Sheridan and I baked sugar cookies.  This is her favorite cookie to make – she loves making the icing different colors, using our cookie cutters, and using all of the sprinkles.  We do this every holiday and I just let her make a mess and don’t really care about it for one night.  Anyone who knows me knows that is a hard thing for me to do.  LOL  I let Sheridan decorate all of the cookies so here are her masterpieces…

Sunday morning the four of us along with my great friend Lindsay carved jack-o-lanterns at our house.  It was a little chilly so we did them in the garage this year instead of outside.  This normally turns out Tommy and I doing most of the carving.  This year was no different.  : )  Lindsay brought a book of Disney Princess patterns and Sheridan wanted to do a rose and Lindsay did Arial The Little Mermaid.  Tommy, Will, and I chose more traditional patterns.  : )  Our handywork:

Lots more stuff going on this coming weekend – Friday I have my work Halloween party followed by seeing the kids trick or treat followed by a Halloween party that night and another Halloween party on Saturday night.  Whew!  Holidays are nuts!  But I secretly love it.  : ) I’ll post costumes next week! 

Happy Halloween all!



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  1. You’re the coolest stepmom ever! Can I be adopted? LOL!

  2. How busy and yet fun was your weekend?

    Love the pumpkins!

  3. Looks like y’all had so much fun!! The Little Piggies sure are lucky to have a wonderful stepmom like you.

  4. Kristi – Of course you can be adopted!! Come on over! 🙂

    Julie – Totally busy, yet pretty fun looking back on it. At the time I was pretty stresed though. 🙂

    Nina – Aw, thanks! We have a good time

  5. Ohhh i luv the pumpkins. They’re adorable and I’m with Kristi … Can you adopt me tooo? PLeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

  6. Dang pumpkin carving showoff. A rose? Seriously? I can’t show you my pumpkin now.

  7. Nikki – I will adopt you only if you can learn to not be messy. I run a tight ship. LOL

    Clara – PUHlease. Tommy did that one for Sheridan and we had patterns for it. No, my pumpkin is one of the ones with the traditional face. 🙂

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