My Fab New (Old) Bowls

October 6, 2008 at 2:38 am | Posted in kitchen, kitchen utensils, new toys, Randomness | 12 Comments

I am such a sentimental person in case you haven’t figured that out by now.  Not so long ago I needed a really good mixing bowl since I’ve started baking more.  My mom gave me one that she had – it wasn’t anything special really, but since she gave it to me, it instantly became special.  Last week, I opened the cabinet where my bowls are kept and out rolled that bowl onto the floor and it crashed into about 40 pieces.  I wanted to cry.  When Tommy came home I told him and he felt so bad for me so he told me to buy some new mixing bowls.  I wasn’t that into shopping for “new” mixing bowls.  I wanted that one.  I looked at Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens N Things, WalMart, etc., but I wasn’t into anything.  I decided to look on ebay, so I typed in “mixing bowls” and on the first page came up a Pyrex bowl that was the Spring Blossom pattern.  I instantly knew that I HAD to find a full set of these bowls and buy them immediately!  You see, these were the bowls that my mom had when I was little.  I remember these bowls vividly – no matter where we went, these bowls went.  Since we moved so much, I’m not sure what happened to her set, but I knew I wanted these bowls so everytime that I used them to bake and cook, I would be reminded of growing up. 

I found several sets of these bowls and they were somewhat pricey, but not too bad for vintage Pyrex.  I told Tommy those were the bowls that I wanted so he did a quick search and found a really cheap set on Ebay for me!  He bought them for me right away.  I received them this weekend and I couldn’t be happier!  I used them for the first time tonight and I love them!!!  Thank you to my wonderful husband for buying these for me because he knows what a sentamentalist I am.  : )

Without further adieu….!!!



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  1. Congrats! I love the pyrex bowls!! I have my own set (a diff pattern) but I love them, too because they remind me of my grandma. hope all is well with you! xox

  2. My Mom had those also. I never knew that was what the pattern was called.

    Wow- the memories!

  3. Rachel – thanks! Isn’t it fun to have bowls that remind you of people you love?!

    Kat- That is funny that your mom had them too! Ah the 70’s… LOL

  4. April I love love love your bowls. I actually have the exact same set. My Nana gave them to me a few months ago.

  5. My mom has those same bowls!!! She only has three though.

  6. Those are adorable. I love the blossoms. Now tell T to find me a something like that but in red, please! 😉

  7. I luv my vintage pyrex. I swear the old ones are so much cuter

  8. Shit I didn’t mean to submit my comment yet …

    What I wanted to say was the ones I’ve been drooling over are the pink gooseberry ones. They’re so cute

  9. Nikki – I adore the old ones as well. There are so many that I love. I could quickly become addicted to collecting this stuff. I want Christmas ones!!!

  10. OMGOSH! LOOOOVE those bowls!!

  11. Katie – thanks!! I love them to! It makes me smile to pull them out of the cabinets. 🙂

  12. My family has those bowls too — I love them! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great story.

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