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I adore the summertime for so many reasons – it stays light longer, dining/bar-ing outside, lightning bugs, flowers, swimming, etc.  One of my favorite things about the summer though is fresh fruit and vegetables from people’s garden’s and farmer’s stands.  Where I live, I can’t get fresh produce year round.  So during the summer, I absolutely take full advantage of it.  I am such a fruit and veggie person that it is heaven for me.

This past weekend we went to Tommy’s parents house.  They live in Kentucky and basically in the middle of nowhere.  The good thing about this is that when we drive from our city/town to their house, there are about 15 fresh fruit and veggie signs along the way.  Also, nearly everyone has a huge garden that they grow every year.  When we arrived at my in-law’s house they had not only veggies from their garden, but a friend had brought things over as well.  Score!!!  So my mother in law was trying to get rid of stuff and she knows I love veggies so I raked it all in.  Check out some of my goods!!

Aren’t they pretty?  However, they quickly became something that looked more like this:

People often ask me how I stay so healthy – well, it’s things like this.  Every week I buy fresh fruits and veggies and immediately when I get home from the store, I wash them all, and chop them up into containers so that they are easy to grab for snacks and lunches.  My mom does the same thing and it’s a habit that I inherited from her – a good one! 

Another one of my favorite summer snacks is fresh watermelon.  So good!!!  The county next to mine is famous for their melons and they just happen to set up a little stand in the CVS parking lot next to my house (how city is that statement?  I am from the country so even typing that statement is odd to me!).  I would much rather give my money directly to the farmer than to the store so I typically get my watermelon from them.  So fresh and good! 

Again, I bring it home, chop it up, and throw it in a container so that we can have it for our lunches and snacks that week:

My other favorite to buy fresh is sweet corn.  I would have taken a picture except we ate it tonight and I didn’t think about it.  : )  Oops! 

Enjoy your summer and buy some fresh fruit and veggies!  Nothing like it!  : )



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  1. yummy in my summer tummy!

  2. That’s what I need to start doing. I know I should just go ahead and wash them and cut them up, but I’m always so tired after I get home from shopping. (We normally just do 1 biiig trip a month… or try to at least.)

  3. Nina – You really should! It’s a pain and I hate doing it but I make myself. It’s great to have veggies and fruits handy all week. 🙂

  4. Fresh fruit really does make the best snack, and it’s portable too! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one spending weekends cutting things up for the week ahead. A bit of a hassle, but sure saves time packing lunches during the week!

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