Food Flashbacks

June 16, 2008 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Cookies, Fun | 8 Comments

I was reading a blog this morning about how someone had eaten something completely random only because it reminded them of happy childhood memories.  I know what she means though – I can think of random things that if would eat them, I would instantly be taken back to childhood.  The first thing that popped into my head are those iced animal cookies – the little ones with the pink icing on them?  Mom, I know you remember these.  One of my favorite childhood snacks!  I could totally go for one of those right now….

What foods remind you of childhood?




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  1. I loved those iced animal cookies. We loved Popsicles and ice pops as kids, especially in the summer time 🙂

  2. Orange sherbert push pops. 🙂

    There are many others, but that’s definitely one of them.

  3. Drumsticks from the ice cream man and snowballs (those marshmallow/coconut/cupcakey concoctions that are probably evil and full of preservatives). And triscuit pizzas!

  4. Oh there are so many food kid flashbacks but my 2 favorites…
    1. drumsticks and big sticks (my elementary school sold ice cream every Friday for $0.25!)
    2. funfetti cake mix
    aawwww good times…

  5. Beth – ice pops were awesome! I give those to our kids all of the time.

    Julie – our kids love the push up orange sherbert things!

    Sizzle – Triscuit pizzas…mmm….I might have to make those soon!

    Clara – Funfetti cake mix – totally awesome especially with the icing with the sprinkles. YUM!

  6. There are SO many, and lots are associated with people. That’s why we did the memory boxes as our wedding favors. We had a snack that reminded us of each person who was on our memorial list for the day. Snickers=B’s dad, Peperidge Farm Gingerman Cookies & Wrigley’s gum for one set of grandparents, Red Rose Tea & Brach’s dinner mints for the others, etc.

  7. circus peanuts. I don’t think I could stomach them now, but oh how I loved them then!

  8. This entry makes me laugh. I bought a bag of those last time I went shopping, just because I haven’t had them since I was a kid. (I got the sprinkle kind.) Obviously I am behind on your blog.

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