NFR: The Aforementioned Bunny

March 28, 2008 at 1:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

As I mentioned in my “random” post below, we have a bunny who has become fond of our back yard.  He is there every morning and every evening and has been for about two weeks now.  Somewhere along the way he went from, “Oh look, there is a bunny in our yard!,” to someone who I consider to be a pet and someone who I look forward to seeing every day.  : ) 

I was talking to my good friend Clara who actually has two pet bunnies, about how to care for him.  I was asking her if I could give him any particular snacks.  She sent me an awesome list of things so I promptly went outside and put some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and romaine lettuce in our yard.  It was funny because the first day the stuff was out there, the bunny didn’t go near it.  The next day though, not only did that bunny go near it, but there were TWO bunnies!!!  : )

Here is a kind of not so good pic of Bunny #1 (which I might add Will has named “Go Fish”…can you tell my mom just taught him how to play Go Fish?!)

 The bunnies haven’t been in the yard for the past two days now, but it’s been raining so hopefully they are hiding out somewhere.  I want them to come back!!! I love them!  : )



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  1. aaaawww GF is so cute! “He” looks like a netherland dwarf bun-mutt. NDs are usually much smaller but the head and ears are similar. Does it come close to you? Are you able to pet him? Just curious if he’s wild or domesticated… more pics please. 🙂

  2. Yes I vote for more pics! I’m sure they will be back when the rain stops 🙂

  3. Clara – I haven’t tried to get too close to them yet as I don’t want to scare them. They will come within about 10 feet of me, but not much closer. I will post more pics soon. 🙂

    Amanda – I hope they come back soon! I miss them!!

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