Random thing about me: 76-100

March 23, 2008 at 12:55 am | Posted in Randomness | 6 Comments

I had forgotten that I hadn’t yet finished the “random things about me” posts, so here is the final installment in case anyone cares to hear any more random things about me…  : )

76.  Sauvignon Blanc is currently my wine of choice
77. We currently have a bunny who loves our backyard and I have become attached to him
78. I am more comfortable in heels than flats any day
79. Some of my friends have nicknamed me the “bikini boss” because I am good at motivating (ie, driving people insane) people to workout & eat healthier
80. M&M’s are my favorite candy
81. I am much more of a salt lover than sweet lover
82. When I was little, one of my favorite things to play with was She-Ra Princess of Power
83. My best friends from roughly age 3-10 were boys. They had He-Man toys which were the equivalent of Princess of Power. It worked out well.
84. I love to wrap presents. I’m a freak about it.
85. My area of the country is currently flooded. As in state of emergency flooded. Tornadoes, ice storms, now this. Geez…
86. I am currently obsessing over the beginning signs of wrinkles on my face.
87. I will never tan again due to this. I will be the one in the big floppy hat on the beach.
88. My dream vacation is Italy – I’m dying to go to Tuscany and drink wine for 2 weeks straight.
89. I love to read – mostly chick lit. I love escaping from reality sometimes.
90. I have “white coat” syndrome. I’ve passed out in every doctor’s office known to man for no good reason.
91. I am extremely sentimenal about random things- I have an entire trunk full of “my life”
92. I am absolutely NOT a morning person. At all. Don’t talk to me until at least 10am.
93. I want a Bischon Frise so bad I can taste it. However, the responsibility scares me. (Lame, I know.)
94. I prefer black ink to blue ink.
95. I hate when I am baking and I mix up a bunch of stuff that includes powdered sugar and the powdered sugar flies everywhere. That really annoys me.
96. My favorite cuisine is Italian. Our favorite restaurant in town is this little Italian place on the walkway called Angelo’s. It is Fierce.
97. I can’t stand to be around people who think they know everything. It is completely annoying.
98. I have actually never done karaoke in a bar
99. I love the beach. I would love to live near the beach someday year round.
100. I leave you with…I am addicted to the internet. Blogging, Facebook, etc. I’ve made some of my greatest friends through the internet and I never thought that would be the case. Weird huh? : )



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  1. 76-gasp! It’s not gewurztraminer anymore, I feel like I don’t even know you :0
    82 – She-Ra rules!
    86 – OMG me too!
    97 – amen to that one!
    98 – We must change this immediately!

  2. Amanda – LOL Yes, I have switched fave wines somewhere along the way. You’ll know me better soon enough in Chitown – w00t!!!

  3. In response to 98…You claim it is because you don’t like that much attention. Yet, you spend HOURS on yourself and make sure you have a “converstaion piece.” HA…I love you!

  4. HA!! Yes, guilty as charged. Erin tried to get me to do it one night and I was er, tipsy and said I couldn’t do it because I don’t like attention…and when I said that the whole table of people laughed. Wha? I don’t get it?! LOL

  5. 77- I wanna see picture of bunny!
    78- you’re crazy! Its all about the flip flops.
    81- ditto. I’d rather eat a bag of potato chips than a bag of candy.
    82- omg. she-ra!! I loved that beech. haha
    84. yes, you are a freak.
    92- ooohhh i have a feeling you wouldn’t wanna be my roommate. I am up at 6-630am every morning.
    94- black? lame. Its all about the blue.
    99- agreed.
    100- amen to that. Long live the internet!

  6. My fave wine also = sauvignon blanc! yay for twin sisters!

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