Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 18, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in bread, Cookies, Fun | 5 Comments

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I found out this weekend that I am 1/3 Irish (I’m a mutt basically…LOL) so that means I must celebrate even if it means not going out and getting drunk and stupid (I’ve certainly NEVER done that on St. Patty’s day….Umm……errr…..).

We had a “food day” today at my work.  Everyone brought in something – kind of a pot luck for St. Patrick’s day.  I made a cheese dip and the now famous “Erin’s sugar cookies” in the shape of shamrock’s of course.  🙂 Everyone brought so many awesome dishes to work….quite the mish mash of things.  On my plate at lunch were lasagna, barbecue chicken, cajun chicken, pickles, cheese and chips….um….LOL  Totally not my  healthiest day.  I went to the gym beforehand…does that count for something?!

Here are my festive St. Patty’s Day cookies….

And this was super funny.  One of my coworkers brought in green snake bread that she bought at our local grocery store.  LOL  : )

And finally tonight, Tommy and I finished off the day with our green beverages of choice.  : )



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  1. ^I’m having dejavu here with the green cocktails

  2. Cute cookies! That snake bread is sick!!

  3. ME WANT COOKIES! gimme.

  4. Andrea – yes, the green bread looked like a giant poo. Seriously. LOL

  5. I am impressed with your full on love of all holidays. You are such cutie-pie!

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