Menu: March 16 – March 22

March 15, 2008 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Menus | 4 Comments

I have several blog updates to do…just not enough hours in the day right now but I have to put my menu on here for my reference!  Hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow  evening for more updates!  : )

Sunday:  Cooking Light spicy chicken quesadillas, chips and salsa

Monday: Smoked spicy Louisiana sausage & veggies (TBD)

Tuesday: Cooking Light Penne with Vodka Sauce modified by Andrea, salad

Wednesday: (kids) Breakfast for dinner

Thursday:  Pork tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, sweet corn

Friday:  Out to dinner

Saturday:  Cooking Light Creole crusted chicken, Cooking Light seasoned fries

(I’m really trying to start using Cooking Light more…spring and summer are right around the corner and that means bathing suit weather – yipes!)



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  1. ::pounding fists and chanting::

    We want BUs! We want BUs!

  2. ^ yeah what she said!! ::pounding fists AND stomping feet::

  3. ditto what they said
    ::pounding fists, stomping feet, chanting, and pulling on ears and holding breath like the chick from wedding crashers (it’s a great visual if you know what I’m talking about)::
    oh yeah, let me know how you like the penne with vodka sauce!

  4. Okay, you talked me into it…blog puke is forthcoming!! 🙂

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