Mr. Cuppycakes Loves Me!

February 26, 2008 at 2:56 am | Posted in Cupcakes | 4 Comments

Today I arrived home to find a box waiting on our doorstep!  And the return address was….iheartcuppycakes!  YAY!  I thought I might be able to guess what was in the box, and I was right!  It was “Red Wino and Chocolate Cupcakes” from Clara!  YAY!

Funny story behind the making of these cupcakes.  Clara called me the night she was going to make these.  Now, she called me from the wine aisle of her grocery store.  She was very confused by the many, many choices of wine that stared her in the face.  🙂  She was asking me how they were normally arranged, etc.  She was looking for a red Zinfandel.  Easy enough, however I couldn’t quite convey to her how to look for that….because she thought Zinfandel was a brand of wine!!  I about died.  Okay, so I guess not everyone knows wine that well.  But it gave me a good laugh anyway.  🙂  I explained to her that Zinfandel was a GRAPE not a BRAND and on we went.  🙂   She never found a red Zin so I told her to try a Shiraz ( a red that I actually like…I’m much more of a white wine drinker…).  She said they turned out well.  I wanted to find out for myself so… 

I was so excited to find these on my doorstep today! 

These are super super yummy!!!!!!!!!  They did not travel well (California to Indiana…hm) but they really are very yummy.  🙂  I am so happy that Clara sent these to me!  If you want to see the pretty version, check them out on her blog.  I will post a pic of how they ended up coming to me.  But OMG.  Really good nonetheless – I love strawberries and the cuppys were so moist and good!



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  1. good god. my poor cupcakes! They got smooshified. At least they tasted good? 😦

  2. Those look like mine, lol.

  3. Clara – these definitely still tasted REALLY good! I love the hint of the wine with the chocolate – an excellent combo!!

  4. Can you say jealous? I HAVE to try these!!!

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