Friday night “Girls Night In”

February 24, 2008 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Mexican food | 3 Comments

While Tommy is away in Dubai, I wanted to something fun with my best friend since we don’t often get the opportunity to see each other anymore.  I invited her to my house to spend night and have a “girls night in” where we could just eat until we were sick and drink wine like there was no tomorrow. 

For dinner I knew that I wanted to make chicken nachos because, well, any excuse to make those and I am ready!  (Side note: she told her boyfriend what I was making, showed him the picture and he said they looked like barf…I digress…)  I also had a new recipe that I wanted to try.  While at a superbowl party this year someone brought these awesome little Mexican flavored snacks and I knew I had to try to make them!  My friend gave me the recipe – this isn’t really one with measurements, it’s kind of just a throw it all in type thing.  We’ll call these “Chicken & Ranch filled Wontons” for the sake of them having some sort of name  : )


shredded chicken
ranch dressing (don’t use fat free, it won’t taste as good)
mexican cheese (I used colby jack)
chili powder
wonton wraps
green peppers
cuppycake pan

push wonton wrappers in cupcake pan, bake at 350 for 4 or 5 min

fill with:
pulled chicken mixed with ranch you kind of want your mixture to be a little soupy so it doesn’t dry out.
top with diced green peppers and mex cheese. sprinkle with chili powder.
bake for a few more minutes until cheese melts.

These were pretty good – I think when my friend made them they were better, but I think I learned from making this batch.  I put a little too much ranch in, so next time I will add less, but these are so stinking good.  Not good for you, but perfect for a night where you don’t care about calorie intake.  : )

Also, my best friend (the one with the famous sugar cookie recipe!!!) brought me some snickerdoodles that she had made earlier in the day.  YUUUMMM!!!  They were super good.  She said the bag was way too cheesy for me to post a picture, but come on.  She is a kindergarten teacher – she can’t help it, right?  : )  



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  1. Those little wontons look so yummy, and the cookie bag is way cute!

  2. me want chicken wontons!! I am so bad with recipes without numbers. You must give me numbers! haha.

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