Menu: Feb 24 – March 1

February 23, 2008 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Menus | 3 Comments

Tommy is in Dubai for most of the week so making a menu was a little harder this week – I forgot how much I hate cooking for one!!! 

Sunday:  Andrea’s turkey meatballs served over wheat pasta, side salad

Monday:  Italian stuffed chicken breasts, steamed veggies, side salad

Tuesday:  Cooking Light spicy chicken quesadillas

Wednesday:  Bruschetta chicken, steamed broccoli, salad

Thursday (Tommy gets home!):  Lasagna

Friday:  Eat out?

Saturday (kids): lunch – tacos, dinner – ?



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  1. ::sniffsniff::
    at least you still make a menu. I am such a fly the seat of my pants menu slacker. I’ll be around if you want some gchat company, k? wub.

  2. Cooking for one stinks. But, you can always cook for two and end up with leftovers for some other time. I remember when I used to do that. Now I rarely end up with leftovers even when I try! I can’t bring myself to do menus. I should, but I really have to have a taste for something to be inspired to cook it. That doesn’t work with menus.

  3. Good for you, still eating healthy! 🙂 He’ll be back soon…hang in there! 🙂

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