Random things about me: 51-75

February 22, 2008 at 7:40 pm | Posted in Randomness | 7 Comments

I’m pretty bored at work today and feeling random so enjoy the latest installment of my randomness….  : )

51.  I have to take Xanax & Dramamine before flying
52. I love to send random cards to people
53. I loved to swing as a child
54. I still love to go to a park and swing.
55. In my last apartment, my bedroom was in a turret. I love round rooms.
56. I am highly allergic to bee stings
57. I think I have an obsession for collecting barware – wine glasses, martini glasses, etc.
58. I love the smell of a fire in a fireplace
59. I have been deer hunting before
60. I am a reality TV junkie
61. I used to have a massive rock collection
62. I drink about 96oz of water daily
63. My first CD ever bought was Ace of Base
64. I am an American Idol junkie
65. I am a very messy baker
66. I used to mix my mashed potatoes and corn together to eat them
67. I also used to eat fingers full of butter when mom would sit the butter on the table (gross)
68. I have a bad habit of biting my lips
69. I used to bite my nails so bad they would bleed
70. I am very obsessive about getting my eyebrows waxed
71. I never really learned to subtract well – I just couldn’t be taught. I still struggle.
72. I (like Amanda) still stare at my engagement ring probably too many times a day (I just love it!)
73. I think Hawaii is the most gorgeous place on earth
74. I get road rage really bad – I hate idiot drivers
75. I used to collect porcelain dolls. They kind of freak me out now.



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  1. 52. So, now I’m expecting a random card from you at some point.

    57. Me too…unfortunately, I also have a tendency to break them. 😦

    66. Yum! I am so hungry right now…

    68. & 69. Me too…man, that’s gross, huh?

    75. Dolls totally freak me out. I once saw that scene from Barbarella where the dolls were biting her legs…that’s the only part of the movie I saw, and since that moment, I have been freaked out by dolls. And music boxes. Creepy stuff….

  2. Alanna – I break things too 😦 I only drink out of plastic wine glasses at home. Klassy. LOL

    Yeah, dolls majorly freak me out now. I’m not sure what I was thinking…

  3. 51 – so does my hubby
    62 – dayum!
    63 – best.cd.eva! I saw the sign . . .
    74 – Amen sista! My carpool buddy always laughs at me as I scream obsinities at other drivers.

  4. 52. Yeah, I want a card, too! 🙂
    59. Me, too and I got bored really quickly.
    67. Good Lord, I did the butter thing, too although I’d dip the butter in sugar, too.

  5. Amanda – LOL “..and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign”. HA! Loved it!

    Kristi – Oh deer hunting made me totally bored. I loved my dad but geez. One can only take so much. LOL

  6. “All that she wants is another baby”
    I never did figure out if the song was referring to another boyfriend or an actual infant….

    It’s okay, April…I had a small collection of porcelain dolls myself.

  7. #51- Don’t laugh but… I have to hold someone’s hand when we take off and land. If I fly with T, I hold his hand. If i fly alone I bring a stuffed animal or sometimes reach for the person next to me! I think it freaks ppl out but usually they are understanding. haha.

    #66- use to? I still do! I love corn and taters!

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