January SBGEX – Part Two (Kat Graz RULES!!!)

February 19, 2008 at 1:34 am | Posted in Breakfast, Muffins, SBGEX | 6 Comments

Yes, I totally just sounded like my brother who is in high school – but she DOES rule!  What an awesome SB! 

As all of you faithful readers saw, Kat Graz was my January baker in the SBGEX – and she sent me a New York cheesecake!  And as she promised, there was more to come.  More!  Can you believe it?!  🙂 

 Last week we had a terrible ice storm – but yes, the Fed Ex man backed right up to my front door and delivered my box of goodies to me. : )  Thank you Mr. Fed Ex man!  I was so excited – Kat made THE most amazing banana muffins.  They were mini muffins (so perfect for me to take to work for breakfast) AND she made them healthy.  As I’ve mentioned, she is a personal trainer and a nutritionist – so I couldn’t quite believe the cheesecake (ha!) but she says this was to make up for that!  (For the recipes, click here)  She made them even healthier than what her recipe reads on her blog – ask her if you want to know her “secret” ingredients!  I would have never guessed!

As if the muffins were not enough, there was an additional gift!  Background – I eat pretty healthy most of the time despite some “cheat”recipes that I put on my blog.  : )  I faithfully eat a bowl of Kashi cereal with fruit every morning for breakfast (1 of my 5 meals a day).  Kat owns a gym – gyms get samples.  SO, she sent me a ton of Kashi cereal samples!!!!!  Seriously – could she get any cooler?! 

Anyway, thank you so much Kat for your thoughtfulness and sending some amazing things to me!!  I can’t wait to see you in Chicago in April – on your birthday nonetheless!  : )



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  1. You are one lucky chick!!! I am totally craving banana muffins now…

  2. Alanna – these are seriously some of THE best banana muffins I have ever eaten. Email Kat and she will tell you how she made them – they are awesome!

  3. B would be totally psyched to get that in the mail too. We both really like the Kashi crunch! The best thing about banana muffins, is they don’t have the texture issues of a plain old banana!

  4. You are too funny!! I am so happy you liked everything!

  5. I eat Kashi every morning too, the likeness is getting a little scary!

  6. Free Kashi!! Sooo jealous! I’m a sucker for Cinnamon Harvest and Honey Almond Flax cereals. I love me some Kashi!!

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