Menu Week of 2/10 – 2/16

February 7, 2008 at 2:32 am | Posted in Menus | 2 Comments

I’m a little ahead of myself in making my menu for next week already but I have to do it when I have time so….

Sunday: Chicken and mushrooms in roasted garlic sauce, salad
Monday: (kids) Tacos
Tuesday: Bruschetta chicken, salad, wheat pasta
Wednesday: (kids) Valentine’s Day with the kids – heart shaped pizza, salad
Thursday: Valentine’s Day!! Eating out
Friday: (kids) Nina’s Potato Flake Chicken, sweet corn, roasted red potatoes
Saturday: (kids) Eat out



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  1. Ooh…good point on the Valentine’s day thing! I forgot to factor that into my menu plan. ::running to go change it::

  2. Hey April!

    I miss you all too. Student teaching is going well…but I miss my free time and I miss FB and blogging with all of you. I hope the book club is going well too. I can’t wait to be able to read again (for fun)!!!

    Hope to talk to you soon!
    Michele 🙂

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