How do you organize your recipes?

February 7, 2008 at 1:32 am | Posted in kitchen | 9 Comments

I have so many great recipes from so many different sources.  I have recipes from my mom, recipes from magazines, recipes from people’s blogs, recipes from books, etc.  I always liked the idea of a recipe box when I was younger, but now I’m not so sure.  I mean, do I really want to write/type out every recipe I find on a blog and put it on a card for a recipe box?  I think not.  Who has the kind of time?! 

 Currently aside from my cookbooks my printed out/torn out recipes are all in a book of sorts.  It’s some sort of heirloom recipe organizer that my mom bought me a year or two ago for Christmas.  It was great at the time and it still does a pretty decent job of organizing, however, I have so many recipes now that they are starting to burst out of their pages in their little folders in the book.

So, how do you organize all of your recipes?  Do you just go look at the blogs when you need one and not print it out? Do you print them out and put them somewhere?  Binders, folders, boxes, etc?  I’m curious.  I think I need a new system….



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  1. I’ve been trying to figure this out too. Ever since home ec. in middle school, I’ve had a binder that I keep my recipes in. I’ve outgrown that by a lot though and I’m not sure what to do next. I love the recipe box idea, but I know it isn’t practical (I’ve seen my mom’s). I print out all of my online recipes so I need to get better at doing something with them. I probably need to start throwing away recipes that I don’t think I’ll ever use again, or start a “first string and second string” binder for things I use a lot vs. a little. A cookbook stand would really help with this though, because right now I take each ind. page out when I use it and then it never makes it back in.

  2. I print them out and put them in plastic sleeves in a binder so its easy to take out of the binder and have in my kitchen while cooking/baking. Its also nice b/c the plastic sleeves keeps it protected from spills (it happens quite often!). I have them in sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks/finger foods/appetizers, desserts. I also save links on my computer in a file. HTH!

  3. Okay super good idea Clara! Yeah, my recipes most def have stains on them. LOL I need to buy a big binder I guess at Wally World this weekend. I just tore out several Cooking LIght recipes and I need a place for them.

  4. OMG did you just call it Wally World?!?! Bwahahaha For some reason that cracks me up, I guess it reminds me a some girls I met camping once who made fun of me because I have a “valley girl” accent and I made fun of them for calling it Wally World. Sorry. Just had to laugh

  5. April, I was just having this conversation with one of my girlfriends on Sunday. She had a great idea of printing recipes she liked on waterproof paper (the kind we probably all used for wedding water bottles) and putting them in plastic sleeves in a binder. I think it’s a great idea and when I’m off for President’s week, I’m going to get started on mine!

  6. Amanda – LOL I do’n’t normally call it that, I was just being funny, although several people around here do! LOL 🙂 And did you just comment to make fun of me or are you going to answer the question woman?! 😉 JK

    Andrea – I think I definitely like the binder idea too. Sounds like a good project for my President’s Day as well!

  7. I use a new site called which is a free social network for foodies. eatNation is an open community of foodies that is not controlled or managed by major corporations. It is a site for everyday people who want to interact over food.

    First I set up my profile and upload a photo. Then I enter my favorite recipes which are stored in the website. I can create new recipes, swap recipes with other members, or store, edit and delete recipes. If I want to get really creative, I can add a photo or a video.

    The site allows me to search other member’s recipes, create a buddies list, or blog on my favorite dishes, restaurants or food experiences.

    eatNation is paperless and good for the environment. All you need is a computer with internet access. You just sign up and start entering and sharing your information. And don’t forget, it’s free!

  8. I do a few things.

    For cookbooks, I put pieces of paper or those little sign here tags in them for recipes I want to make.

    Online I tend to email myself copies of recipes I want to make, or I save them at allrecipes/bakespace/foodnetwork. I tend to head to those places anyway when I’m looking for ideas so it works.

    My main recipe collection is on recipe cards. If I get recipe cards out of magazines I’ll throw them right in, but the ones I write up are only ones that have been taste tested and are worth making again. All of the online places let me print them out in recipe card size so I print onto card stock, cut and toss them in and the others (from cookbooks) I just write out.

    And then there’s my blog. Most of the recipes I make are on my blog which makes my life nice and easy, it’s like my own personal cookbook.

    I tried a method similar to Clara’s, but I seemed to print out everything and it was just too much and I wouldn’t throw away bad recipes so that idea got nixed quickly. The way I do it now means I have good recipes in my recipe box and/or blog and other recipes are easy to find

    There are also a few computer based recipe file type things that are cool, but I’m too lazy to get everything into them

  9. I recently just started using this pretty nice online recipe organizer @
    (oh yeah, best part, free too ^^)

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