My new kitchen toys

September 30, 2007 at 11:17 pm | Posted in kitchen utensils, new toys | 1 Comment

In honor of my new love for all things cooking, this weekend I purchased two new kitchen toys that I “needed”.

Saturday morning I attended a silent auction for a charity that I belong to. Many of the items were things I would never want in my house, can’t imagine using, etc. However, there was a Pampered Chef pie pan that I had my eye on. And I won it! 🙂 Now, I just have to find some great recipes to use it!

Also on a completely different spectrum, I bought a meat tenderizer. I am not a big meat eater at all. However, I am trying to broaden my horizons, so we’ll see how it goes. You know in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when Tula tells her aunt that Ian doesn’t eat meat and the aunt says in disbelief, “What? You don’t eat no meat??”, I am pretty sure that is how a conversation with myself and that aunt would go. : ) Anyway, I used it tonight on chicken breasts and I liked it. I enjoyed the pounding. Something therapeutic about it. HA!


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  1. I’ve always wanted the papmpered chef pie pan, but I didn’t know how the stoneware would work with pies since the stoneware absorbs all the liquid… You’ll have to let me know how it works. 🙂

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