Saturday morning family breakfast…

September 28, 2007 at 1:51 am | Posted in Breakfast, Fun | 1 Comment

Ignore my PJ’s and my horrible morning hair and no makeup…it’s breakfast time people! 🙂

We have our kids every other weekend and we love the time that we get to spend with them. One thing about me is that I hate getting up in the mornings. Hate it. However, on Saturday mornings when we have the kids, they come in, wake me up, and the three of us fix breakfast together. It has become a tradition and they absolutely love to help me cook. It’s what makes me get up with a smile at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. We all fix breakfast in our PJ’s – Sheridan has recently learned to crack the eggs, Will hands me the ham and puts the bread in the toaster, etc. We all have our roles. 🙂

If you have kids or plan to, I think doing things like this with them is absolutely fantastic. These are the types of things that will remember someday – not what kind of shirt you bought them, or what color their backpack is. I remember cooking with my grandma and I love those memories.

::insert cheesiness here:: : )

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  1. total ::cheese:: but I couldn’t agree more. You are an awesome SMILF 😉

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