My "Bad Day" Go-To Wine – Fetzer G

September 27, 2007 at 4:34 pm | Posted in wine | Leave a comment

As I mentioned, I love wine. Pretty much all of it – not so fond of merlot or chardonney, but I am willing to try any and all things wine before forming an opinion. Coming home after a hard day at work and having a glass (or two…or three…) of wine is a fabulous thing. My favorite go-to wine for this is Fetzer Gewurztraminer.

Gewurztraminer is kind of long name for a wine so a lot of people just refer to this one as “gevurtz” or I refer to it as “G”. This is a white, semi sweet wine. You can taste the honeyed apricot and peach flavors in the glass, and breathe deeply to capture the aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle. Mmmm….. The Fetzer vineyard is located in Hopland, Mendocino Co., CA. I love this wine because not only is it good, it is extremely reasonably priced. It is ~$10 a bottle. The bottle is usually gone before I know it because it is easy to drink. : )

You can check out the Fetzer website which has awesome recipe links for dishes that will go well with this particular wine if you want to pair it with dinner. I like to drink it alone typically but I am sure they know what they are talking about! Enjoy!


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